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Understanding source code
is every programmer's
biggest challenge

GitUML helps programmers understand new code more quickly.

Understand code quickly

Rapidly generate diagrams from programming source code.

Language Support

GitUML reverse-engineers the following languages:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Typescript ( in progress - BETA )
  • Objective C (Apple - iOS, MacOS, tvOS source code 🍏)
  • C#
  • Delphi/Free Pascal

GitUML converts source code into beautiful, helpful diagrams:

GitUML can reverse engineer Python, Javascript, Java, C#, Objective C and Delphi/Free Pascal.

Build "Literate Code Map" diagrams

When you want more detail than a UML diagram can provide try building a Literate Code Map which is a new, practical evolution of UML for today's code centric, practical programmer. Blend reverse engineering (via GitUML) with your "literate" custom code fragments and rich, text narrative comments/stories - step by step so that viewers of the diagram follow the use case story.

2 min Video Tutorial

Creating a UML diagram in 10 seconds then upgrade it into a more powerful "Literate Code Map" diagram.

A revolution in documentation

GitUML rapidly produces beautiful UML class diagrams every time.

  • Diagrams automatically update when you push code using git
  • Diagrams are always up to date
  • This lets programmers focus on coding instead of fussing with drawing tools.
A $60K/annum employee may very well take $120K before reaching the productivity level and
contribution of the developer who left the team. Dave Laribee

Onboard new programmers more quickly using software visualisation.

Save as programmers become effective more quickly.

Rethinking Code Visualisation

Making software diagramming useful to today's modern, agile, code-centric programmers

  • Easy reverse engineering into UML by simply selecting files from GitHub repositories. File uploads and "UML Fiddles" (direct code to diagram) mode too!
  • When new code changes are pushed, diagrams are updated automatically thus remain up to date with the code. This maintains diagram accuracy/usefulness and requires less diagram maintenance - saving programmer time.
  • UML diagrams can sometimes be too abstract for programmers to find useful. GitUML supports evolving reverse engineered UML diagrams into Literate Code Maps, which are innovative, powerful "Tuftian" visualisations that empower the programmer to understand complex code, add features and fix bugs more quickly.
  • Literate Code Maps combine class and sequence diagrams into the one diagram, with numbered steps which lead the reader's eye, step by step, through the diagram. Each diagram box (which can be a class, file or any container) can contain one or more code compartments where you can add real source code fragments and rich narrative commentary. See the Literate Code Map manifesto for more information.
  • Easy to share rich, zoomable diagrams via urls.
  • Using textual PlantUML markup for flexible diagram editing rather than $$ and fiddly tools. Each GitUML diagrams is built from a blend of both automated reverse engineering and additional custom diagram markup.
  • GitUML is appealing to organisations who understand that powerful, insightful, diagrams containing rich detail are a boon to new programmers joining a team, increasing productivity thus reducing new staff onboarding times. They can capture knowledge when programmers leave a project, too.
  • The idea of building a Code Map is based on what many programmers already do when taking notes in their notebooks and reading code. The process of building a Code Map will give a programmer understanding of any complex software behaviour, which empowers the programmer to add features and gets bugs fixed more quickly.

    The process of building a Code Map is a secret weapon to tackle software complexity, spaghetti code, and complex Object Oriented code. Spend days browsing code, guessing and hacking - or respect the problem, do it right, and in an hour or two have a solution by building a code map.
  • Consulting services available to facilitate the use of GitUML in your organisation. Custom hosting for sensitive, non GitHub codebases available.
GitUML is a nice project!
Arnaud Roques, creator of PlantUML

Point and Click

Browse any git repository on the web and select the files you want to visualise.

  • Popular public repositories listed
  • Browse your own repositories
  • Automatic layout - saving you time

Gallery View

Access your diagrams via a thumbnail gallery.

  • Click to edit or delete, duplicate etc
  • View descriptions and user comments
  • Search by repository or tags
39% of survey respondents view application complexity as their top challenge. Trends in Web Technologies – A Global Research Report

Building a UML or Literate Code Map diagram as part of code analysis results in real understanding plus a knowledge artifact (the diagram) to keep and share.

Keep diagrams simple

Communicate what's important

  • Select only the files and classes that you want
  • Capture knowledge
  • Each diagram tells a story, your way

Refine your diagrams

Add anything you want to your diagrams

  • Attach yellow text notes to any class
  • Add additional classes & relationships
  • Use "point and click" to add common elements or use PlantUML markup
  • Evolve your reverse engineered UML diagram into a powerful Literate Code Map diagram containing source code fragments and much more. Blend automatic with custom diagram elements.

Losing staff who "know the code"
is every company's fear

GitUML protects your intellectul property when staff turnover occurs.

Productive Handovers

Developers with knowledge can document designs rapidly before they leave

  • Preserve knowledge of the code
  • Offboard existing staff with more confidence.
  • Onboard new staff more quickly - saving you money
The total cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to
1.5 to 2 times their annual salary. Rachel Ferrigno

Unplanned turnover hurts — especially when you lose top people. Aaron Reed

Share your diagrams

Diagrams are URLs

  • Each diagram is a permalink URL internet resource.
  • Share diagrams with your team, in print, blogs and documentation.
  • Turn off GitUML git push auto update to lock a diagram to a moment in time.

Attract contributors

Get more contributors to Open Source projects. Contribute more.

  • Key design diagrams of Github projects helps everyone.
  • Attract more contributors by making it easier for them to understand the code.
  • Contribute more productively to well documented projects.

Future Roadmap

The following languages may be added in future. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request a language or feature.

Note: GitUML can automatically detect and reverse engineer both Python 3 and Python 2

Benefit Summary :

Leaders of IT projects...


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Custom GitUML Hosting

Tailored to your needs

  • Run GitUML inside your cloud containers - for complete security
  • Run GitUML inside your company network infrastructure
  • Access any local git repositories (not just GitHub).

Rapid 'Staff Onboarding' Service

We will work with your team - hands on, to

  • Oversee the documentation of your critical project creating:
    • An engaging project overview and architecture summary document (five pages).
    • Five key GitUML project diagrams incl. some as Literate Code Maps.
    • Two quality tutorials.
  • Develop rapid onboarding programs for new staff that use this documentation, together with traditional onboarding through handovers, working with automated tests etc.
  • Ensure knowledge is captured when staff leave
  • We can audit your project documentation to protect your company IP and to support governance
  • Our consulting pays for itself through increased programmer productivity and the ability to scale projects more rapidly.


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